9:00 AM         Opening Hour




                        4-Roll Call of Preachers in Full Connection and Probationers

                        5-Roll Call of Lay Delegates and Alternate Delegates

                        6-Election of Conference Staff


10:00              Reports of Annual Conference Officers

                        1-Bishop’s Report

                        2-Annual Conference Departmental Leaders’ Reports

                        3-Statistician’s Report – Disciplinary Questions 24-42

                        4-Trustee Board’s Report

                        5-Committee on Deeds, Titles and Abstracts’ Report


11:00              Reports of the Pastors and Churches

                        1-Summary Report of Pastors by Presiding Elder, District 1

                        2-Summary Report of Pastors by Presiding Elder, District 2

                        3-Disciplinary Question 10 – Cabinet

                        4-Disciplinary Question 12 – Secretary


Noon              Break


12:30              Emphasis on Ordained Ministry

1-Memorial – Disciplinary Question 14

                        2-Retirement – Disciplinary Question 11

                        3-Continuing Ministry Focus – Ministers of the Year for each District

                        4-Report of Committee on Ministerial Examination

                                    Disciplinary Questions 1-5

                                    Disciplinary Questions 8-9

                                    Disciplinary Questions 15-23


1:30                Emphasis on Departmental Ministries

                        1-Confirmation or Election of all departmental officers

                        2-Disciplinary Question 51

                        3-Special Recognitions


2:30                Financial Reports

                        1-Presiding Elders’ financial reports

                        2-Treasurer’s report

                        3-Joint Board of Finance reports

                                    Disciplinary Questions 43-49

                                    Election of Treasurer

                                    Choice of banking institutions

                                    Other related financial matters

                                    Registration amounts received

                                    Departmental monies received

                                    Daily offerings received

                                    Christian Index subscriptions received

                        4-Records Clerk’s Report – Disciplinary Question 50

                        5-Joint Board of Finance report 2

                                    Proposed 2020-2021 Budget


4:00                Closing Session

                        1-Presentation of Visitors aspiring for General Conference Office

                        2-Ministerial Character – Disciplinary Question 13

                        3-Site of next Conference – Disciplinary Question 52


                        5-Transfers – Disciplinary Questions 6-7

                        6-Pastoral Appointments 2020-2021 – Disciplinary Question 53


5:30                Adjournment


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